Who hires the Creatives?

The treemap below shows how the UK's 1.8 million creative jobs are spread across different industries. The size of each box captures the number of creative jobs within an industry. The colour of each box shows the industry's 'creative intensity', which is the percentage of jobs in creative occupations. The purple dots denote the 'Creative Industries', as described by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

  1. The arts, entertainment and recreation sector contains the industry with the highest percentage of jobs in creative occupations: 'Artistic creation'.
  2. The information and communication sector contains the two industries that have the largest number of jobs in creative occupations: 'Computer programming activities' and 'Computer consultancy activities'.
  3. Approximately half of all creative jobs are found outside the 'Creative Industries'. Seven of these industries each contain at least 20,000 creative jobs.

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1.8 million Creative Jobs