The Twitter Network for UK MPs

The network shows mutual connections between MPs on Twitter.

Each MP is represented by a node and the colour indicates their party. Two nodes are connected by a line if the MPs both follow each other on Twitter. The nodes are positioned based on who an MP is connected to, and larger nodes correspond to more connections. MPs who do not have any mutual connections, or do not have Twitter accounts, are shown at the bottom of the page.

Hover over a node to see the name of the MP. Click to view their connections. Select 'Colour by Region' to colour the nodes by the location of an MP's constituency. Click on a party name (or region) to view all of the connections for that group.

Notes: The data were scraped in early February 2015 and were provided by the GATE team in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Sheffield. The party affiliations were taken when Parliament was dissolved. Liz McInnes was unable to be included as she was only elected in October 2014, from a by-election following the death of the incumbent MP, Jim Dobbin. Several MPs who appeared to be no longer using their Twitter accounts were classified as 'Not on Twitter'.